What is Krav Maga

We provide SHADOW Krav Maga/ Self-defense trainings, independent security consulting to the public and private sectors, Security risk management, threat assessment and workplace violence prevention.

Why Shadow?

Classic Krav Maga is based on a number of mistakes, which professional instructors are aware of, but nevertheless teach because they do not have better solutions or certain institutions is insist on the old systems.

After 20 years of experience in training and fieldwork in which we examined all the old methodology and emphasized the explanation of existing failures and replacing them with simpler and more effective exercises.

SHADOW gives solution from the real environment. We train how to defend from attacks with sharp objects, firearm.

Exit threat situations with sharp objects, from any place and positions. From the car, inside the office, inside the plane, using surrounding for self-defense, manipulation skills. Shadow uniqueness is that it teaches how to get out of the threat from all angles, while other methods mainly teach how to deal only with an attack with a knife or a gun. Therefore, our system is very popular and demanded a specially in military, police and security filed around the world.


People who are in security field working in security companies or are self-employed, that is also include people who are customer care providers, find themselves in unpleasant situations. Technology is getting better and better, CCTV cameras are everywhere, almost every person is using mobile camera. In many cases, where a policeman, a soldier, a security guard performs a mission, he finds himself under a microscope. People who are only waiting for free publicity by receiving millions of likes on social media platforms, are waiting for the right moment that the person who is on duty will fail. In that situation, it becomes very hard for the person wearing uniform to make an arrest, to handle violence, without been captured by one of those cameras and published on social media.

Another problem, is awareness of difference in treatment of female offenders in the world. Handling violent women, is high risk not only for your career, but also to find yourself facing lawsuits. During many years of training security people in different countries, we have faced this problem.

Many security people ask for the right skills on how to handle women without being accused of sexual abuse.

SHADOW designed to avoid such problems.

We have extensive capability and resources to provide Physical Security Consulting such as:

  1. Security Master Planning
  2. Krav Maga / Self-defense
  3. Security Audit / Study
  4. Security Planning & Design
  5. Command & Control
  6. Threat Vulnerabilities & Risk Assessment
  7. Counter Terrorism
  8. Espionage Planning
  9. Theft Prevention
  10. Crowd Control
  11. Security Audit

Airlines/ Crew cabin / Airport security
Security companies
Security People

Israel: Border Police; Police; Army; Security;
Kenya: Police and Security
Guatemala: Police
Canada: Police
Costa Rica: Police
Kongo: Army
Nigeria: Body Guards

Spain: Police, Airport Security
France: Police
Norway: Police; Security
Grecia: Security
Romania: Police; Security
Russia: Spetznazz
Ukraine: Parliament Body Guards

Bodyguard course:
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Driver Bodyguard course:
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For more information contact us: sacuramaa@gmail.com WhatsApp +254716503455

VIP Survival Course:
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For more information contact us: sacuramaa@gmail.com WhatsApp +254716503455

Night Club Bouncer course
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Driver security and self-defense course:
A course of security awareness, basic self-defense. Very good for a corporate or private driver.
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Journalist / Ambulance / Doctors – Demonstration
Awareness course/seminar
Security and self-defense during violent demonstrations.
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Women’s self-defense course:
Women’s self-defense skills, includes body language,
manipula tion of the opponent and easy learning tools against
sexual abuses.
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Team Building Self-defense
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Krav Maga (“contact combat” in Hebrew) was developed in the 1950s, combining the most effective techniques and philosophy from various martial arts and fight training. It was originally taught to the Israeli Army, and instruction for civilians began in the late 70s. Multiple forms of Krav Maga continue today: civilian (self-defense), law enforcement (arrest or detain), and military.

Krav Maga is a pure self defense and striking system. There are no competitions or showcases for self defense scenarios. We train in Krav Maga to help us avoid and survive the worst case scenarios. If someone is threatening your life, we train on how to avoid that scenario to begin with, and if it is already beyond the point of no return, we are trained to use the most effective strikes and techniques to prevail, while under extreme stress. There are no elaborate choreographies nor absolutes.

Yuly G.
Managing Director & Head Instructor

Body Gourds Instructor (Israel).
2nd Dan Black Belt “Shadow” Krav Maga International Instructor (Israel).
1st Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate (Kenya).
“SHADOW” Israel – Special Security Training (Israel).
In charge of a security in Hospital (Israel(.
ERT (Emergency Respond Team – Israel)
22 years of experience in security and martial arts in Kenya, Russia and Israel.
Counter Terrorism Instructor experience.
Self Defense and security consultant.
Security trainings manual writer for a сcontrol room and Emergency Responds Teams.
Develops individual training programmers suitable to each institution / subject.
Security personnel management including hiring, training, assigning work, evaluating performance, and disciplining.


From the extensive career in security in Israel, Yuly get live field security experience during the Second Intifada (2000-2005). Dealt with terrorist threat, terrorist attacks, fraud, large violent riots as well as violent offenders from all walks of life. Together with his 3 years of IDF service, many years in private security and training in various martial arts systems, and different countries, Yuly became an international expert in the security field.

Martial arts experience:

Yuly started training in Kong Fu and Karate in 1990.
The training were combined with Krav Maga and Aikido.
In 2015, Yuly joined to Shadow Krav Maga system, and became
International Instructor.
In 2017, Yuly completed a Body Guard Instructor course in Israel.

Michael S.
SHADOW Krav Maga Instructor

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