Krav Maga & Self-defense Free Of Charge Session in Nairobi.
Sacura Martial Arts Academy celebrate 3 years birthday on 27/01/2017.
Open Door class for everyone on 27/01/2018 Lavington Mall 4rd floor 18:00 – 20:00:

How to register and what to bring?

  1. For registration sent Email with your full details to
  2. Students under 18 years old must to attend with parents.
  3. Each student must to come with ID.
  4. You should come with normal sportswear- long sports trousers and neck close T-shirt.
  5. We training without shoes.
  6. Some of our rules:
    • a. For the sake of safety and neatness, do not wear jewelry and ornaments during exercise or when GI dressed. (metal objects: chains, rings, earrings, etc.)
    • b. Always keep the nails on the hands and feet clean and cropped. Always make sure that your feet, hands, nails were washed clean for training. In training, you often work close to other people. Nobody likes to train with someone who is dirty. To respect others, make sure you are clean and after the shower. Usage of deodorant it is a must.

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