Special Courses

Special Courses

Besides the usual scheduled daily classes, Yuly G. himself, who has more than 20 years experience in Martial Arts and Security, is also offering special courses for those who are in need of an individual approach and are serious about acquiring high level skills in a short time period.

  • Security consultant
  • Training for Security Personnel and Security Companies
  • VIP Survival Courses
  • Women`s self-defense courses
  • Driver’s self-defense (in the event of carjacking and kidnapping scenarios)
  • CPO Training (Close Protection Operators), with diploma certification
  • Police / law enforcement personnel training
  • Night club bouncer training
  • Night club bouncer course, with diploma certification
  • Team building
  • Army Training

Most Popular – VIP Survival Course

Intensive Private Shadow Krav Maga Self-Defense Training

During this intensive month long course you will learn how to defend yourself and others using techniques developed by Israeli special forces and counter-terrorism units. The course combines theory with practical self-defense skills and then reinforces the experience by putting in you real-life scenarios like street robbery, bar fight, carjacking, kidnapping, and attempted rape.

The course includes 20 hours of training with a professional Israeli Instructor in two hour sessions over a course of a month.

The course can be adjusted to any fitness level.

Course program

  1. Psychology and theory
    • Psychology of self-defense
    • Traffic light system of personal space
    • Self control in stress situations
    • Controlling mind and body of an attacker
    • Handling drunk people
    • Recognizing suspicious people
    • Behaviour during a terrorist attack
    • Choosing and using surrounding objects for self-defense
    • Firearm introduction (at the shooting range)
  2. Basic self-defense
    • Releases from grabbing, pushing, choking, pulling
    • Using your surroundings for self-defense
    • Self-defense in a confined space
    • Self-defense from a knife attack
  3. Advanced self-defense
    • Advanced self-defense techniques
    • Pressure point techniques
    • Escaping from being held down
    • Using surrounding objects for self-defense and restrain
  4. Practical scenarios
    • Self-defense with a knife, and knife to knife fight
    • Using a stick against a knife
    • Shooting from a live firearm (9 mm)
    • Self-defense against a stick or any other long object
    • Self-defense against an attack with a sharp object (broken glass, bottle, etc.)
    • Disarming and taking control of an attacker (hands only)
    • Restraining an assailant or suspect without causing bodily harm
    • Restraining a woman or a person sitting on a floor without causing bodily harm
  5. Advanced practical scenarios
    • Self-defense against a knife attack (advanced)
    • Self-defense against an armed attack (advanced)
    • Self-defense against multiple attackers
    • Self-defense against kidnapping
    • Self-defense against carjacking

Sacura Martial Arts Academy it is Professional Martial Arts School in Kenya. This is first, official Krav Maga School in Kenya with certificated International Israeli Instructor of “Shadow” Krav Maga. We are training kids, adults, security people. We are working by very high standards, discipline, knowledge of technique, history of Martial Arts it is

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Karen, Hardy Shopping Center
Monday: 18:00-19:30 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Friday: 18:00-19:15 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Jafferys Sports Club Lavington
Thursday:19:30-20:45 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Lavington Mall
Saturday:18:30-19:45 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)


– Karen, Hardy Shopping Center, 2nd Flr
– Jafferys Sports Club Lavington, James Gichuru Rd
– Lavington Mall 4th Flr, James Gichuru Rd

Tel: +254 716-503-455

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