Krav Maga


Krav Maga derives from street-fighting skills. This contact combat technique started as an unarmed combat system for the Israeli Defense Forces due to its no-nonsense approach.

Several close-related variations developed and adopted Krav Maga. These include law enforcement and intelligence organisations’ like Mossad and Shin Bet.


Krav Maga philosophy is to emphasis threat neutralisation, simultaneous aggression, defensive and offensive maneuvers.


Krav Maga focuses on real-world situations. It’s a very efficient counterattack in brutal situations.

This defence tactic is used by:

  • Israeli Defense Forces
  • Special Units
  • Reconnaissance Brigades
  • Regular Infantry Brigades (Recently)

Get To Know Grand Master David Haliva – the father of Shadow Krav Maga sistem

A skilled visionary and active martial arts forerunner with over 30 years of experience in martial arts, he is internationally respected as the “SHADOW” Krav Maga authority.

Grand Master David Haliva’s Skills Profile:

  • Black Belt Dan 7
  • Israeli security agencies and units in the world who was trained by us:
  • Israel Police special units
  • Barcelona police field units and special units
  • Personal Protection Unit of the President of Nigeria
  • Special units of the government of Guatemala
  • Police in Costa Rica
  • Private companies in Central America
  • Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz)
  • Norway Oslo police enforcement units
  • Training Jewish communities in France

Let’s Hear From Grand Master David Haliva:
Why do many Martial Arts masters and instructors have big egos and jealousy? (To know the truth is very important)…
Once someone asked me, “Which Martial Art is the best?” I answered, “The best Martial Art is the art or technique that keeps you alive in a real attack in real life.”
I have been attacked so many times working as a collector execution. I understand the situation for a collector execution sometimes really sucks. I know what I am talking about.
I know what self-defense really means when you are in a situation full of conflicts everyday. The point that I am trying to make is: competitiveness of students and trainers in Martial Arts all seem wonderful, but this isn’t the true destiny.

A Martial Artist’s role is to grow and enrich the world around him by giving questions and knowledge to anyone who is willing to learn.

There is no such thing as the “Best” or “ the most powerful Martial Arts.”

The great fighter Bruce Lee, his brain oedema won while he was allergic to the drug he took. Life itself is the most powerful. Surviving to learn, to pass on your knowledge is the most powerful.

Now if some of you, who are reading this article, have lost your interest, it’s because you have not understood the world of Martial Arts.

Some of you read every word I said voraciously, because every word echoes in your mind and you are understanding the world of Martial Arts. Some of you are thirsty for more words like these, because the words speak directly to the world you live in.

My advice will be: do not pursue diplomas, degrees, belts, honours, prestige and awards in Martial Arts.
A true teacher gives knowledge not recognised certificates

A true warrior acts in a way, as if the sights and sounds of him
can be felt from this side of the ocean to the other side.

A true teacher never chases or chases another student.
The opposite would be true.

New students will chase a true teacher:

  • A true teacher gives knowledge not recognised certificates
  • A true teacher does not exert himself to prove his skills or his qualifications.
  • A true teacher gives knowledge, not certificates
  • A true teacher, paves the way for the success of others, rather than living alone, and giving false promises to those around him

Since 1995, I have taught hundreds of students. Some of them have reached very high standards. Some have become teachers themselves. Everyone will tell you to stop at the level where I stop, whereas I would like to tell them, never restrict yourself to a single source of knowledge.

The Growth of a Warrior depends solely on his thirst for more knowledge. I know, although I have written this article, the big ego and jealousy among marital art practitioners will continue and even escalate. It exists in all fields of training programs. But I believe the message of this article will reach those who are the smartest.

To let war carry the flag is stupidity…
A True Warrior is dedicated to humility


Sacura Martial Arts Academy it is Professional Martial Arts School in Kenya. This is first, official Krav Maga School in Kenya with certificated International Israeli Instructor of “Shadow” Krav Maga. We are training kids, adults, security people. We are working by very high standards, discipline, knowledge of technique, history of Martial Arts it is

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