Director – Yuly G.

Sensei Yuly G.

Director & Head Instructor
Martial arts experience:
Black Belt 2_nd Dan ”Shadow”Krav-Maga International Instructor
Saido Karate Israel
Shotokan Black Belt 1st Dan Karate Kenya
Over 20 years of experience in Martial Arts and Security.

After a long experience in martial arts in other countries, I came to decision to open Professional Martial Arts Academy. Place where students can find big range of different martial arts. School with high standards, school with Martial Arts discipline, School with respect and Japanese martial arts traditions. In our school we do not have directors, managers, drivers, policemen, ministers … When a student put on a Gi (uniform) and passing the Dojo’s (hall of training) entrance, he becomes a student, part of Sacura Martial Arts Academy family.

Students know to respect each other, their trainers and other people. Sacura Martaial Arts Students know that if they come late to class, most probably they won’t be allowed to get in during the class session.

We are doing our best to follow martial arts traditions, part of our training is meditation, we are teaching how to breath in a right way during the class, to train people not only how to fight and to defend themselves, we also train Physiology aspects of self defence trainings.

All of our students are wearing Uniforms. New students are allowed to train in normal sports wear no more than three lessons. After that, every student must have a set of uniforms.

Except the regular classes, we are trying to organise different activities for our students. Krav Maga sport camp in Diani for few days; Seminars; extra classes … My dream is to create place where people can feel as a one big family and learn how without Violence They Can Stop Violence.

You can just think about that, as I have been traind by our Grand Master David Haliva, If someone comes to you and pushing you, If you will push back, the level of violence will increase, however, if someone is pushing you, and by using our techniques the opponent find you behind him without pushing him back, here you can do your best and to create space for peaceful dialogue.

If you want to lern how to defend yourself easily, without years of trainings and without using your muscles, come to our school, become a Shadow of your enemy!

Wrong impression.

Some time back, one of my students told me a story. He took a part in few people conversation about what we are doing in Krav Maga.
People says that Sacura Martial Arts it is only for fit people classes.
I would like to make an explanation.

What is Krav Maga? Krav Maga is street fight self-defence.
Who can train Krav Mga? Shadow Krav Maga can be adjusted to any fitness level.
What is the different between Shadow Krav Maga and other Krav Maga styles? The original Krav Maga it is very brutal system with very intensive classes and high fitness level. Shadow Krav Maga was created by Master David Haliva and it all about that anyone with any fitness level can learn and use the self-defence skills. Shadow Krav Maga teach people how to stop violence without violence.
What is the different between Karate, Taekwondo, other martial arts and Krav Maga?
Krav Maga it is a combination of different martial arts. Krav Maga was created for Israel Defence Forces. And it is one of the best and effective Self-defence systems in the world.
Karate, Taekwondo and other martial arts, they are mostly a sport. Very good, very interesting, very professional, but sport. They will not prepare you for real street fight / attack situations. Krav Maga will do it.
Sacura Martial Arts Academy:

The Academy was created with goal of Professional martial arts discipline and martial arts traditions. We learn how to respect others and our self. We study how to control our self in stress situations and how to manipulate the opponent (the attacker). Yes, we working and improving our fitness and cardio level and making physical exercises. HOWEVER, it does not mean people who other 50 years old or people with limited physical possibilities cannot train and learn Shadow Krav Maga.
If you don’t have fitness level, if you disable or weight limited, we can always create a special group with your needs and you can learn slowly the necessary skills, you can improve your HEALTH, reduce weight and to feel much beater.

We have special KIDS program. From 6 years, old. Kids learn discipline, order, coordinationphysical exercises and getting self -defence skills thru the games.

Private: If you don’t like to train in the group and you like privacy, we have private classes.

You have special needs and you need special skills because of your job? We have special course.

Driver security course: will train you or your privet/company driver how to react and how to use self-defence skills inside and outside the car. Your driver takes your kids to school and your spouse to shopping? It can be good if he will know at least basics of self-defence.

VIP survival course: You travel a lot? You dealing with money and / or you have access to high value products? You think you can be a target? That course is for you. Intensive course will prepare you for many difficult situations. You will learn how to defend yourself in critical situations, you will get skills from carjacking, kidnapping situations. You will learn how to handle Multiply armed attacks and more …

Night Club Bouncers and CPO (Close Protection Operator) course:
After that SHADOW course, you will learn necessary skill and after examination you will get Sacura Martial Arts SHADOW Krav Maga certificate.

Security companies: Your guards can get different levels skills from basics up to advance level skills.
Sacura Martial Arts Academy approved by NITA, you can claim the course payment back.
Team building Self-defence: This is one of the best way to connect all people together. During our SHADOW team building self-defence course, your staff will learn how to cooperate, how to take care and assist each other.

By joining our school, you can find a lot of possibilities and benefits:

Weight loss

Different sport activities


New friends


New possibilities


Excellent state of mind

Aikido elements

Women’s self-defence

BO (long stick) trainings

Self-defence from weapons


Discipline for your kids


Year-round classes (without holydays

Sensei Yuly. G


Sacura Martial Arts Academy it is Professional Martial Arts School in Kenya. This is first, official Krav Maga School in Kenya with certificated International Israeli Instructor of “Shadow” Krav Maga. We are training kids, adults, security people. We are working by very high standards, discipline, knowledge of technique, history of Martial Arts it is

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Karen, Hardy Shopping Center
Monday: 18:00-19:30 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Friday: 18:00-19:15 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Jafferys Sports Club Lavington
Thursday:19:30-20:45 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Lavington Mall
Saturday:18:30-19:45 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)


– Karen, Hardy Shopping Center, 2nd Flr
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