About the Academy

“Stop Violence without Violence”

Founded by Mr.Yuly G, a martial arts expert, Sacura Martial Arts Academy (Kenya) commenced in February 2015 with the goal of providing expert, diverse and all-inclusive Martial Arts Training.

Yuly G., is an Israeli “Shadow” Krav Maga Instructor and 1_st Dan Black Belt Karate Instructor, who had started Krav Maga in Kenya, to help Kenyan people acquire one of the best Self Defense skills available to civilians.

In our school you will find Krav Maga classes, Karate classes, Self-Defence classes with Aikido elements. “SHADOW” Krav-Maga method was created by Grand Master David Haliva. Yuly G., is one of Grand Master’s students, who now brings the Shadow Krav Maga method to Kenya.

Sacura Martial Arts Academy Kenya is dedicated to the highest quality of martial arts training. We are committed to continually enhancing our Martial Art programs to address our student’s needs. We build confidence through achievement, and provide an environment conducive to positive relationships, fostering self-discipline and self-respect while incorporating it with Martial Arts.

Sacura Martial Arts Academy is:

  • A place where students can access and learn a variety of different martial arts
  • A place of high standards
  • A place school that obeys Martial Arts discipline
  • A place that respects Japanese martial arts traditions

The students know to respect each other, the trainers, the training process, “the skill” and other people.

We do our best to follow martial arts traditions. Part of our training is on proper breathing during training through meditation, training people to fight for themselves and defend themselves train people not only how to fight and to defend themselves.

We offer:

  • “SHADOW” Krav Maga classes
  • Karate classes
  • Self-Defence classes (with Aikido Elements)

Special Courses Include:

  • Training for Security Personnel and Security Companies
  • VIP Survival Courses
  • Women`s self-defense courses
  • Driver’s self-defense (in the event of carjacking and kidnapping scenarios)
  • CPO Training (Close Protection Operators)
  • Police / law enforcement personnel training
  • Night club bouncer training
  • Team building

Our Students Include:

  • Adults (Men & Women)
  • Teenagers
  • Kids from 4 year’s old

Why “SHADOW” Krav Maga?

This system will allow you to deal with any emergency situation without violence.

At work, the system will help you avoid damage, both fiscally, and against false court claims.

If you are a business owner, with this system, your staff will be able to subdue an offender quickly and without harm coming to both the offender and staff member allowing one to deal with a situation quietly and with no bloodshed.

Please contact us for a VIP Survival Course offer, as well as special trainings for businesses.

…a word from Sensei Yuly.G (Director & Head Instructor)

“ Over 20 years of experience in Martial Arts and Security Defence Training”

  • “Shadow” Krav Maga International Instructor
  • Saido Karate (Israel)
  • Shotokan Black Belt 1st Dan Karate Kenya

Let’s Hear From Sensei Yuly.G…

…Having spent a long time in the martial arts profession across different countries, I decided to contribute to everyone’s wellbeing… My dream is to create a place where people can feel part of one big family and learn how to stop violence without violence. As a skilled and practicing martial arts expert, I decided to open a Professional Martial Arts Academy:

When we put our uniform on, we do not have directors, managers, drivers, police officers, ministers…What we have is a “devoted, capable family”; whenever a student puts on the Gi (i.e. uniform) and enters the Dojo (hall of training), the student becomes part of the Sacura Martial Arts Academy family.

Besides the regular classes offered, we organize different activities for our students, like a Krav Maga sport camp getaway in Diani, and specialty courses.

Imagine this for a moment: Someone comes up to you and pushes you. If you push back, the level of violence will increase. However, if someone pushes you, and you use our techniques, you can defuse the situation without violence – for example, one of the options will bring you behind the opponent, subduing him/her, keeping you safe and in control of the situation.

If you want to learn how to easily defend yourself without going through years of training, and without using too much physical power, come to our school, become the Shadow of your enemy!

Sensei Yuly G.


Sacura Martial Arts Academy it is Professional Martial Arts School in Kenya. This is first, official Krav Maga School in Kenya with certificated International Israeli Instructor of “Shadow” Krav Maga. We are training kids, adults, security people. We are working by very high standards, discipline, knowledge of technique, history of Martial Arts it is

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Karen, Hardy Shopping Center
Monday: 18:00-19:30 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Friday: 18:00-19:15 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Jafferys Sports Club Lavington
Thursday:19:30-20:45 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)
Lavington Mall
Saturday:18:30-19:45 (Krav Maga / Self Defense)


– Karen, Hardy Shopping Center, 2nd Flr
– Jafferys Sports Club Lavington, James Gichuru Rd
– Lavington Mall 4th Flr, James Gichuru Rd

Tel: +254 716-503-455

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